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Sinzer is a social impact consultancy that offers an impact management software tool that organisations can use to map, measure, report, manage and maximise their social impact consistently.
Benefits of our IT solution include:
• Off-the-shelf impact management frameworks, customised to fit your needs as well as the option to create bespoke ones
• Set and customise indicators and targets
• Efficient data entry on inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts
• In-built survey module to collect data from beneficiaries and other stakeholders
• Collect data over multiple periods and monitor trends and changes
• Dynamic dashboard for visualising and analysing results
• Export reports in various formats (Word, Excel)
• Approved by Social Value International:

We welcome cooperating with other providers in the Impact Management Programme, in which we envision our contribution as providing the IT system that captures and supports the consultancy delivered by another provider.

Case study 1: Age UKs in Kent


  • Mental health & wellbeing

Focus of project:

  • Data management & analysis
  • Developing new products and services
  • IT systems support
  • Building impact measurement tools

Impact management for AgeUKs in Kent: building a custom framework in Sinzer software platform

Early in 2015 AgeUK Kent’s consortium - charities delivering services to the elderly - engaged impact consultancy Aleron to support the development of a Theory of Change and data collection model.

Using the Sinzer software platform
In 2016 this model was operationalised in the Sinzer software tool (IT system), which can be used to develop bespoke impact frameworks, collect data via online surveys, view results in a dashboard and export impact reports.

Currently, the Kent model is operational on the Sinzer software platform and the first year of data collection is well underway. Front line staff in each one of AgeUKs Kent member organisations are using the Sinzer software to collect data by surveying elderly people that visit the locations, over three measurement points in time. Collected data can be analysed on individual client level as well as per each AgeUKs Kent location by using Sinzer’s dynamic dashboard and ‘slice and dice’ functionalities. Moreover, data collected from all locations can be analysed and visualised in an aggregation dashboard, which can also be used to benchmark the different AgeUK’s locations.

Download the case study here:

Case study 2: Foster Family Homes


  • Citizenship & community

Focus of project:

  • Performance management
  • Data management & analysis
  • Developing new products and services
  • IT systems support
  • Building impact measurement tools

Impact management for "Foster care homes": SROI analysis, monitoring with Sinzer software, benchmarking and aggregated sector score

Commissioned by the trade organisation of long-term residential foster care for children in the Netherlands we conducted an SROI analysis of the social value of "Foster care homes". After conducting the initial analysis based on 8 of these homes, we "digitalised" the analysis' parameters in the Sinzer software as an SROI template, which is now used to monitor the SROI of over 40 similar homes on an annual bases.

The trade organisation uses the Sinzer software to benchmark the SROI analyses of these homes to compare performance and share these insights to leverage dialogue, shared learning and improvement. Moreover the software is used to aggregate data of all of these homes and gain insight into total performance of the sector.

The initial report (translated to English) can be downloaded here:

Case study 3: PGGM


  • Conservation of the natural environment

Focus of project:

  • Performance management
  • Data management & analysis
  • Developing new products and services
  • IT systems support
  • Building impact measurement tools

Impact management for an institutional Impact Investor (pension fund)

PGGM is a cooperative Dutch pension fund. that currently manages pension assets worth in excess of EUR 183 billion, of which 9 billion is invested in “solutions”. These "solutions" investments not only yield a competitive financial return, but also have a tangible impact in the areas of climate, water, food and health.

All investments are screened to assess whether they qualify as solutions. When an investment qualifies, social and ecological impact is measured in different aspects of the value chain (input, output, outcome and impact). Alongside regular financial reporting, the social and ecological impact is reported annually. The impact of all PGGM’s investments is aggregated and reported to their clients.

PGGM uses the Sinzer platform for impact management at all stages described above:
Impact assessment
Impact measurement
Impact reporting
Impact aggregation

In order to facilitate this, we developed a PGGM impact template, used for approx. 200 of their investments. Some indicators that are measured per theme:

Climate and environment
Annual renewable energy produced, in MWh
Annual avoided emissions, in tonnes CO2eq

Annual number of people with adequate access to clean water
Annual waste water treatment in m3

Annual increase in yield, in ton/ha
Improvement in nutritional value

Annual reduction in sick days, incapacitation rate, and care demand by chronically ill and elderly