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The Capacity: The Public Services Lab is a joint venture between Catch22, Interserve,
Clubfinance and Big Society Capital. The Lab brings together in one place all of the
necessary conditions to enable the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to
deliver better public services, with deeper involvement of the communities receiving those
This includes capacity building and bid support to help providers to win contracts, back
office infrastructure to overcome structural barriers, and a fertile meeting ground where
services can be commissioned and designed differently. This is aimed at reconfiguring
public sector contracts to make them more responsive to community need and accessible
to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.
Our vision is to create a working environment where public services can be dramatically
improved by bringing investors, companies, commissioners, service users and delivery
bodies, the community and private sector outsourcers together to achieve that in and
around the Liverpool region. The main areas of activity for the Lab include:
- Incubator and Accelerator - to grow capacity for VCSE to bid for and win contracts
including developing impact management systems for VCSE organisations
- Social Credit Rating - to support decision makers to take a more sophisticated view on
overall delivery risk and upside of a potential VCSE provider
- Joint prime - bidding opportunities for the VCSE to bid with the PSL itself where they
cannot yet meet the bid requirements alone
- Future shaping contracts - research and trend analysis, co design, services, commissioner
engagement, contract pipeline scanning and road mapping, needs analysis, community
service user consultations
- Back office services - ICT, HR, payroll, finance, legal, estates management, training and
development, project management, mobilisation support.