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InFocus is a social impact consultancy firm, supporting partners to improve lives and transform communities worldwide. Our focus is to build the skills and capabilities of social change professionals and organisations to work more innovatively, effectively and collaborately. We work across three inter-connected support areas, as key drivers for social change: Effective Planning for social change; Measuring & Learning for social change; Building Powerful Partnerships for social change.
We work with many different types of clients, recognising that NGOs, governments, private sector, community groups and individuals all play a unique role in the social change process, requiring the development of capacity, capabilities and skills at many different levels and across different sectors.

Our consultancy team is passionate about the work we do, combining decades of practical experience working in the field as social entrepreneurs, with specialist research, evaluation and learning expertise. We adopt a highly customised approach to each client project we undertake, recognising each clients' unique needs and operational contexts.

Our Effective Planning for social change services include participatory strategic implementation planning that brings together a clear vision for the future, clarity about potential barriers to progress, and innovative strategies to overcome them. Strategies are then translated into a realistic and actionable implementation plan.

We also develop theories of change, in a range of different locations and contexts and with organisations of different sizes, including major funders such as the IOC and United Nations to smaller, community-based, local organisations.

Our Measuring and Learning for social change services include our social impact measurement capacity building services that support organisations to conduct social impact measurement through monitoring, evaluation and/or research. This aids the organiations in monitoring the performance of their activities, identify improvements and communicate their most important results more powerfully. We help organisations to focus upon and measure the most important and relevant changes for their organisation.
InFocus also conducts independent, external evaluations of highly complex problems, programmes and organisations for various clients, in sectors including sport for development, gender equality, health and wellbeing.

Finally, InFocus also runs online learning communities (or community of practice) that bring together organisations to exchange knowledge, share methods and results and map out both commonalities and differences in approaches to improve the quality of programme delivery by identifying and disseminating good practice.