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Eastside Primetimers delivers nationwide through a unique member model of experienced consultants. We focus on helping Senior Managers and Boards grow and develop pioneering organisations, bringing alive their ambitions for greater impact and financial sustainability. We provide impact and social investment services to a wide range of social enterprises, in conjunction with funders. Our team of impact specialists have experience of working alongside organisations, starting from where they are, and transferring skills so that impact measurement becomes day-to-day and drives decision making. We have found that while organisations know they should do measurement better, they get lost in the morass of advice and consultant-speak and appreciate it when were are able to simplify it, work it through with them in relation to what they actually do and, most importantly, help them use it to win something.

Case study 1: Brook Young People, a sexual health charity


  • Physical health

Focus of project:

  • Data management & analysis
  • Developing new products and services
  • IT systems support

Intended outcomes were that Brook would win new work by being better able to access and interrogate the clinical data held within its legacy systems, using this: to demonstrate the relationship between costs and outcomes; support tariff-based charging; remodel services rapidly; and drive efficiency and improvements in service delivery and management. By the end of the project Brook had a new system (DART) in place, backed by a policy statement outlining Brook's approach to data and a phased change management plan. Success depended on tight project management and good collaboration. Creation of a project advisory group involving representatives of users of all existing systems was also key to making sure the system and change management plans were fit for purpose and securing buy-in across Brook services.

18 months on, Brook reports better data has helped them to be more discriminating about what contracts to go for. As a result they go for fewer tenders but their success rate has improved (from 36% in 2014-15 to 46% in 2015-16). Having swift access to data to remodel services has helped them to respond to tenders and also to changing commissioner requirements mid-contract. Between July 2015 and June 2016 Brook tendered for 28 contracts, winning 12 of these (6 existing, 6 new) with a total value of £2,588,593. They are a partner in 7 Integrated Sexual Health Services with Prime Providers procured since mid 2015.

Case study 2: Imago Community (formerly Voluntary Action Within Kent)


  • Citizenship & community

Focus of project:

  • Developing impact plans
  • Building impact measurement tools

EP was engaged to help Imago to develop a systematic and consistent “Social Return on Investment” model for analysing and reporting on the impact of its programmes. This needed to go beyond its existing outcomes frameworks which were, like many VCSEs, driven by the demands of commissioners. Imago developed a clear model that related inputs and activities, with deliverables, outputs, outcomes and impacts in a systematic fashion. We developed measurement tools to use with their clients, mapping the “flow” of evaluation points and how results would be recorded and reported.

The work on impact measurement and management was crucial in the ventures winning of key contracts over the period after the assignment. Imago developed its Young Carers Services winning the new council commissioned contracts in East Sussex, Southwark, Bexley and Havering; and recently were recommissioned by Kent County Council to deliver a further three year contract. This Young Carers work has a value of about £1.2M. The impact work with Imago’s Care Navigator Services enabled the extension of services across Kent, including through pilot projects with GP practices and hospitals; and Imago won the contract from Medway Council and CCG to deliver the borough wide service embedded in GP practices. These contracts are valued at around £500K over three years.

Case study 3: Abbeycroft Leisure


  • Arts, heritage, sports & faith

Focus of project:

  • Developing impact plans
  • Performance management
  • Culture change

Abbeycroft needed access to additional resource and specialist expertise such as impact measurement, financial modelling and bid writing in order to increase their chances of securing contracts in a challenging sector.
EP assisted key personnel to produce a theory of change for the organisation and authored a guide/plan to be used by staff in collaboration with the Social Value champion at Abbeycroft to ensure a consistent approach to social impact across the organisation

The organisation now has a clear understanding of why they want to capture social impact and it is now seen as part of their business strategy. It has established a steering group focusing on social impact and this includes external partners such as the local health authority and will be used to ensure maximum social impact and to develop new services. Following our support, Abbeycroft has been able to bid for a new type of contract in a new geography, providing leisure and wellbeing services for an academy school in Cambridgeshire. This will diversify Abbeycroft’s income beyond traditional local authority contracts and is worth £3.5m to tem over 7 years.