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Aleron is a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society. We believe that good impact management is an iterative, cyclical, data-oriented process, and we build it into the heart of all the work we do with our clients. We work with our clients, both small and large, local and national, to achieve effective change within five key impact stages:
• Define impact strategy, benchmark and understand impact objectives – through interactive workshops and developing strategic impact plans
• Develop tools and processes to ensure success – using best practice impact measurement and performance management tools alongside staff training
• Analyse data – deep-dive analyses of performance and impact data, focusing on actionable insights
• Report on progress to facilitate decision-making – designing intuitive reporting tools, dashboards and data visualisations
• Build a cyclical performance improvement process– working with leaders to embed impact management into strategy and decision making

Case study 1: Age UK/Age Concern


  • Citizenship & community

Focus of project:

  • Programme design/theory of change
  • Developing impact plans
  • Performance management
  • Data management and analysis
  • Culture change
  • Building impact measurement tools

Aleron brought together seven charities, the Local Authority, commissioners, local partners, and service users to design a holistic, stakeholder-led impact measurement approach for older people’s services in Kent.

The core Age UK consortium was built to include organisations of different sizes, based in varying areas, and with a range of service provision and beneficiary foci.

We developed a comprehensive plan to design and embed the framework:
• Conducting interviews and site visits to fully understand service delivery, beneficiary and staff needs
• Assessing the data collection requirements, current processes and impact data points to evidence outcome areas
• Creating a paper-based impact measuring tool and associated new business process, refined by a series of pilots
• Ensuring full implementation through staff capacity building, including a competency framework, staff training and detailed guides

Partnering with Sinzer, a specialist impact systems provider, Aleron produced a bespoke impact management system enabling the organisations to analyse impact data at both local and county level. This will ultimately be rolled out to 20 Network Partners across Kent.

This project has transformed the way these organisations engage with older people. It is driving service refinement and influencing commissioner thinking at a local level, and informing impact measurement approaches at a national level within Age UK.

Case study 2: SXT


  • Physical health

Focus of project:

  • Programme design/theory of change, Developing impact plans, Performance management, Data management and analysis, Developing new products and services, Leadership development, IT systems support, Building impact measurement tools

SXT is a technology-driven social enterprise facilitating access to sexual and reproductive health services through its interactive online platform.

Aleron supported SXT to improve its online signposting service through detailed data analyses, which have supported the improvement of the search algorithm allocating patients to clinics. We also helped SXT to launch a new digital partner notification tool, which gives patients a way to anonymously notify their past sexual partners using text or email. This is the first tool that provides a data-driven evidence base for partner notification and testing.

Aleron worked with SXT to define the impact of this project through developing a detailed Theory of Change and supporting impact measurement framework. We developed a dashboard for SXT, summarising and visualising the performance of each clinic over time, alongside different response rates by type of infection.

Through ongoing analysis and support, we have helped increase roll-out of the tool from initially 5 to 23 clinics nationwide.
Our work with SXT is achieving broad reach and is informing an impact review by Prof. Richard Hazenberg (Institute for Social Innovation & Impact, University of Northampton) to measure the avoided costs of providing early treatment for people diagnosed with HIV.

Case study 3: User Voice


  • Citizenship & community

Focus of project:

  • Developing impact plans, Performance management, Data management and analysis, Developing new products and services, Leadership development, Culture change, Building impact measurement tools

Aleron worked with User Voice to help improve their impact and data management processes, through reviewing existing data collection processes, consulting with frontline staff and the Evaluation Team, advising on areas for improvement, and developing standardised training procedures around data management.

User Voice has since commissioned a new impact data management system, enabling them to extract relevant data quickly to feed into reports, bids and operational management templates.

Integrating impact measurement into frontline staff’s daily routines was a key challenge, so we worked to engage staff in the impact data management assessment and increase buy-in. A key learning of the project was ensuring the staff had ownership over the process, rather than viewing it as a top-down imposition.

Aleron’s review and assessment of current data collection challenges also fed into an analysis of the structure of the Evaluation Team, resulting in a new definition of the team’s appropriate tasks and timelines. This helped User Voice centrally plan and implement adequate support for impact and data management.

Finally, Aleron helped develop reporting templates to better communicate their impact and targets to key stakeholder audiences. User Voice can now use this impact data to develop a solid evidence base to inform service delivery and business development.