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Grantee: YMCA North Tyneside

  • North East

Website: http://ymcanorthtyneside.org/

Provider: Helmepark



Summary of project:

YMCA North Tyneside has been serving the industrial communities along the river Tyne for over a century, supporting successive generations through cycles of social and economic change. We have needed to continuously evolve as an organisation in order to best serve the changing needs of our communities, and in order to maintain our financial sustainability. As part of our strategy to grow our supported housing provision and related services we recognised the need to develop a new management approach oriented around impact.

Becoming part of the Impact Management Pilot Programme is an excellent fit for us as it has provided the training, financial resource and strategic support we need to drive the change we need in both culture and systems. We are working with YMCA Humber and by next summer our team will have transformed their working practices, our clients will benefit from an impact-oriented programme offer and our board will have access to sophisticated impact reports detailing the effectiveness of our services