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  • North West

Website: https://www.ykids.co.uk/

Provider: David Waterfall



Summary of project:

We are an innovative and ambitious charity with a mission to bring transformation to Bootle, one of the most deprived areas in Merseyside, through its young people. We work with children, young people and their families, developing individuals who can cope with whatever life throws at them, have plans and hopes for their future, and the skills to make their dreams a reality. We aim to break cycles of poverty and its related effects, and enable people to find their own ways to bring lasting change.

Our offer includes primary and secondary schools work, a community garden, social enterprise café, apprenticeships, community events, family programmes, food projects, literacy project, mentoring and multiple youth and children’s clubs and activities. We even teach young people to keep bees through our bee-keeping enterprise.

As a community-based charity that works with children, young people and their families to transform the area of Bootle (Merseyside) through lasting change; the ability to evidence our long-term outcomes is essential, but currently lacking from our data gathering.

The key outcomes will include:
- Defining our long term outcomes, and the results of these for real people.
- Better shaping our services to maximise those results, increasing the positive contributions we make to the ongoing regeneration of Bootle and its deprived and marginalised communities.
- Having a robust evidence base to use when tendering to our target commissioners.