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Grantee: Volunteer Centre Hackney

  • London

Website: http://www.vchackney.org/website2017/

Provider: Get The Data Ltd.



Summary of project:

Our mission is to enable people to share skills and realise personal goals, and through volunteering, bring people together to strengthen their local communities. We provide frontline volunteering infrastructure services, enabling people across the borough from all backgrounds to share their skills, knowledge and experience.

This project will be transformative for our charity in three key ways:
• it will lead to consistency and clarity in data collection and measurement so we can better understand our impact on the target population;
• it will ensure that this data on programme outcomes is transformed into insights that are fit for purpose to feed up to funders and Board trustees, as well as back to staff so we can improve our overall programme design and make changes to service delivery;
• and finally, we will embed a robust organisation-wide impact management framework and strategy across multiple levels of the organisation’s culture and processes, increasing our accountability for results.