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Grantee: Tyneside Women's Health

  • North East

Website: http://www.tynesidewomenshealth.org.uk/

Provider: Helmepark Ltd



Summary of project:

We have a vision that all women in Tyneside will flourish. By having access to the right mental health and wellbeing support at the right time and place.

Our project will focus on the following key building blocks:
- Outcomes – mapping a range of long term outcomes to our Theory of Change that can be captured by developing data collection tools
- Programme Design - reviewing our post programme support to better understand the support requirements of our target population which will enable them to achieve long term outcomes, and thus developing meaningful measures of success and making necessary improvements to our programme.
- Performance Management - establishing a fit for purpose performance management framework which builds on our strong culture of supporting women to achieve outcomes by improving our capacity and capability to drive performance and highlight the impact we make. Part of this element will also involve developing our capacity and capability to collect and analyse data and present this in a meaningful manner to all stakeholders.