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Grantee: Together Trust

  • North West


Provider: Aleron



Summary of project:

Together Trust believes everybody deserves an equal chance in life - no exceptions. We work to provide the best opportunities for people from age 5 to adulthood with behavioural challenges, learning difficulties, complex health needs, physical disabilities and autism spectrum conditions. The main focus of our work is delivery of our core service streams including Residential Care, Fostering, Specialist Education and Personalised and Community services across the North West and beyond.

This project will, for the first time, introduce a common impact framework, underpinned by an organisational metrics approach, applicable to all beneficiaries in receipt of our services.

As part of this framework, we will create and adopt a new common assessment & baseline approach to support ‘longitudinal’ and ‘progress’ tracking across the charity. This will significantly improve data collection and analysis, and support the embedding of training and development to improve reporting, communication to stakeholders, and an enhanced understanding of ‘what works/doesn’t work’.

This project will deliver the tools to demonstrate impact, and act as a catalyst for organisational change to deliver the most impactful ‘customer journey’ for all our beneficiaries.