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Grantee: St Luke’s Trust Community & Regeneration Enterprise

  • Yorkshire & Humber


Provider: Adrian Ashton



Summary of project:

St Luke’s CARES is committed to making South Leeds a better place by harnessing the skills, abilities and confidence of local people to reach their potential. To meet this mission statement the charity provides a range of community projects and social enterprises. They include The Shine Project supporting vulnerable girls, The Rise Project supporting vulnerable boys, The TRY Project providing retail and employability training to those furthest from the labour market, and 3 social enterprises: Dewsbury Road charity shop and warehouse, Middleton community charity shop and The Shine Nail Bar – all of which provide local employment, work placements and community-led initiatives. 

Our application to the Impact Management Programme for the Step Change Project is focused on the impact management (using all 4 building blocks) of The Shine Project. The Shine Project was established in 2013 and works with girls aged 11-18 in inner south Leeds providing support, building self-esteem, raising aspirations and giving girls new opportunities through mentoring, courses, positive activity groups, outreach work and linking with The Shine Nail Bar to provide training and volunteering. 

We are really excited about the prospect of Adrian Ashton, the Step Change Coordinator (new post to be recruited to) and the leadership team introducing and embedding IM in The Shine Project, and then cascading it across the organisation.