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Grantee: St Cuthbert's Hospice

  • North East


Provider: Helmepark Ltd



Summary of project:

The mission of St Cuthbert's Hospice is to make every day count for those affected by life-limiting illnesses. The Hospice operates using four key values to direct our work - professionalism, integrity, choice and reputation. St Cuthbert's provides a 10 bed in-patient unit; a Living Well Centre which provides day patient and out-patient services; a family support service which offers bereavement and emotional support; and a public health project designed to encourage more public awareness and discussion about death, dying, grief and loss.

Our impact management project is built on the successful completion of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ Impact Readiness Project. This enabled us to apply a theory of change approach to map outcomes and identify meaningful measures of success for three of the five service areas of the business. An initial focus for the project will, therefore, be to expand this mapping to our remaining two service areas - ‘Carer Support’ and ‘General Public’. Although improvements in relation to programme design for these two service areas are needed, work is already underway in this regard and we are not seeking funding from the impact management fund to support this work.

The main focus of this project is embedding outcomes focused strategic and tactical performance management and building organisational capacity and capability to generate impact focused insight and its use to drive performance improvement. The co-design and facilitation of a performance management process is proposed as the central plank of a process to ensure this ambition is achieved. A key organisational gap in this regard is in relation to data analysis and visualisation. The organisation will recruit a data system specialist to bring the appropriate level of capacity and capability to the organisation.