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Grantee: Speakers Trust

  • London

Website: https://www.speakerstrust.org/

Provider: CAN Invest



Summary of project:

Speakers Trust has run the “Speak Out” Challenge! for 11 years, training mixed ability groups of 14-15 year olds in mainstream state schools in communication skills through public speaking. The Jack Petchey Foundation has provided generous support to deliver the programme in London and Essex. We are preparing for national expansion of the programme by enhancing outcomes in line with teachers’ objectives and developing an add-on package to support teachers in extending the benefits that we deliver.

Working with our provider CAN Invest we will talk to teachers and students to understand, codify and deepen outcomes, examining how the programme benefits various groups of students. Our discussions will explore what school leaders value most about our training so that we can align outcomes with their aims. We will also learn which activities achieve which outcomes and which variables – such as frequency and duration of training – we need to actively manage to maximise benefits. Our existing monitoring processes will be revised to reflect newly identified key quality factors, assuring excellence as the programme scales.

Our unique contribution will be to integrate powerful storytelling across our impact management project, identifying and trialling new ways to combine data with compelling narratives.