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Grantee: Sahir House

  • North West


Provider: Pulse Regeneration Ltd



Summary of project:

Sahir House is a registered charity that provides information and support to people living with HIV, their families, friends and carers. We also provide training and information about sexual health to a wide range of professionals (e.g. nurses, dentists, social workers, medical students, housing and welfare workers); employers in the private, public and third sector; as well as age appropriate sexual health education to children and young people.

We will work with service users to co-create a rational, useful, benchmarkable and replicable impact management system. We currently collect large amounts of data from service users to evidence impact of our activities, but this process is currently very funder driven. We want to simplify the process to increase service user’s ability to engage with monitoring activities which make sense to them. The grant will allow us to facilitate engaging, user led conversations with a wide and representative section of our beneficiaries. It will allow us to get expert advice from our approved provider to turn this feedback into tools and systems that are more acceptable to beneficiaries while also generating quality real time data for staff, management and funders. We also want to improve team level performance data with simple dashboards to engage and motivate staff. We also need more robust systems for closure of clients based on objective criteria. We also want to invest in capacity for monitoring longer term impact. It will also contribute to improved data capture, storage and analysis infrastructure and systems. To achieve this, we will replace an unwieldy customer relationship marketing database with more appropriate impact management software.