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Grantee: Project 6

  • Yorkshire & Humber


Provider: Eastside Primetimers



Summary of project:

Project 6 works to reduce the harms caused by substance use and multiple, complex needs to individuals, families and communities. The organisation has been supporting people for over 28 years and is embedded in the local community of Keighley and since our merger in October 2017, in Sheffield. Our core purpose is to reduce drug, alcohol and complex needs related harms to the individual, families and communities by helping people to develop tools and techniques to make sustainable changes to their lives.

Project 6 has recently undergone a successful merger with Sheffield Alcohol Support service and a contract retender, leading to a need to revisit our service user population, and restructure pathways and impact measurements.

We aim to achieve the following outcomes with the grant:
- Ensure we are targeting our resources at the right population.
- Develop a streamlined outcome monitoring system which relates back to our core purpose and the 5 Ways to Well-Being.
- Improve programme outcomes.
- Ensure that impact is understood and supported throughout the organisation and is reflected in our performance management systems.