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Grantee: Norton Hall Children & Family Centre

  • West Midlands


Provider: David Waterfall



Summary of project:

Norton Hall provides a range of diverse community based services that transform the lives of disadvantaged women, children and young people in a highly deprived area of East Birmingham. We have been led by local people since the early 70s.

Acknowledging the varied nature of our local services, to focus the scope of our project we will focus on our Starfish Service (supports children and young people at risk of exclusion from school) and our Dolphin Centre (supports women unable to access employment or education because they lack basic skills). We have selected these as they are both complex services with immense long-term value for local people, but we recognise they are the only areas of our activity that we are unable to evidence true impact. This is due to detailed delivery mechanisms, and that we have historically developed impact measurements for all of our other services that have more routine funding/ monitoring requirements.

The project will therefore enable us for the first time to understand the lasting positive changes we make for some of the most disadvantaged in our community. The project funding will make available internal staff time and introduce specialist help to achieve key outcomes:

• Developing a tailored impact management system, with a focus on long-term outcomes
• Pro-actively engaging some of our most vulnerable users to ensure our programme design continues to meet their needs.
• Set in place operational enhancements to maximise our impact in moving forwards.