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Grantee: Murray Hall Community Trust

  • West Midlands


Provider: Cogent Ventures



Summary of project:

rough collaboration with Acorn's Children Hospice and St Giles Hospice we have secured capital investment to develop an old health centre, now named The Bridge. It is being transformed into a transition centre for young people with life limiting illnesses moving from children to adult services, to provide age appropriate care and support.

Our Impact Management work programme is supported by Cogent Ventures and covers the following areas:

Outcomes - refinement of our existing impact map including a review of outcomes, and allocation of those outcomes as either short or longer term. We want to ensure that we have got the impact map right and will do this via a series of group sessions with young people and parents, friends and carers.

Programme Design - development and delivery of an outreach campaign with special schools, hospice movement and commissioner so that we can reach as many potential beneficiaries as possible. Develop processes and procedures for all aspects of the programme including recruitment, enrolment, core delivery, exit and post programme review.

Performance Management - For each outcome we will define an indicator, a source for indicator data, questions to be asked, method of collection, and frequency of data collection. We have made a decision to implement SocialSuite, a SalesForce CRM plug in, to support data collection and reporting. We will use this system to develop outcome reports including a dashboard that demonstrates a journey of change for beneficiaries and highlights issues and opportunities for improvement.