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Grantee: Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind Limited

  • North East

Website: http://www.middlesbroughandstocktonmind.org.uk/

Provider: Investing for Good



Summary of project:

Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind is a mental health charity. Our goal is that the people of Middlesbrough and Stockton sustain good mental health, enabling them to manage and enjoy their lives.

Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind will work with Investing for Good to improve our impact management by transforming the way we consider and describe impact. Our approach is currently contract and project based but will become beneficiaries based as a result of this project. We will work mainly on the outcomes and performance management building blocks.

The outcomes building block will enable us to measure our outcomes as progress with our beneficiaries towards our goals, rather than as identified in contracts or by commissioners. The performance management building block will achieve a deeper understanding of the efficacy of our service delivery.