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Grantee: Mencap Liverpool

  • North West


Provider: Eastside Primetimers



Summary of project:

Mencap Liverpool is a small local learning disability charity working with adults who have mild-moderate learning disability. Our impact management project will build on the work we’ve already done to understand, capture and report our impact. With the support of our consultant Lisa Lucas, we’ll be applying the bespoke impact management framework we’ve already developed. Our project will help us to develop and fully utilise our relatively new impact management software. We’ll be involving our trustees, staff and beneficiaries throughout our project, to ensure what we do meets their information needs and that we affect culture change.

Stage 1- applying the framework and further defining our target population
Stage 2- testing our programme design and checking we’re capturing the right information in the best way
Stage 3- performance management- using the data gathered to identify areas to improve our impact
Stage 4– estimating an approximate cost-per-outcome, which will help us identify and secure new contract income

We’ll be using the funding to pay for ongoing support from our approved provider; additional staff hours to undertake the intensive data work associated with the initial phases; software development; and tablet PCs to make data entry as efficient as possible.