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Grantee: London Irish Centre

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Provider: Aleron



Summary of project:

The London Irish Centre charity (LICC) was founded in 1954 and our mission is to provide outstanding care, culture and community to the Irish in London. Care (advice/outreach/social inclusion and wellbeing programmes) is very different from Culture (events/education) and we want to develop a robust management framework that spans across the entire range of activities and programmes.

LICC wants to use the opportunity provided by the Impact Management Programme to become more efficient in allocating its services and resources. We want to better define our desired short-term, end-of-programme, and long-term outcomes, and focus our interventions on a more clearly defined beneficiary group who have the greatest need of our services.

Working with our partners Aleron we aim to develop the following:
- A clear definition of the impact we seek to achieve and for whom
- The tools and data to show whether we are achieving it
- An evidence-backed mandate to make strategic decisions about our programme delivery
- The necessary capabilities to make the changes which will be required

Our project involves five phases:
1. Define overall objectives
2. Map current data processes
3. Develop new outcomes management systems 
4. Pilot new outcomes management systems 
5. Programme review and culture change