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Grantee: Lancashire Women's Centres

  • North West


Provider: Measuring and Managing The Good Partnership



Summary of project:

Lancashire Women's Centres support women to achieve their potential, develop their assets & skills, & live safe, healthy and prosperous lives. We support women who find themselves in situations which increase their vulnerability or place them at significant risk of harm, in particular supporting those with multiple & complex needs.

Our project will work towards the following outcomes:
- Improved service design, with LWC making more informed use of data and adopting a more active and prospective use of information to inform and service design.
- Improved outcomes for the women who use our services, with LWC better able to identify, segment and articulate who our services are designed for.
- More sustainable outcomes for the women who use our services, with LWC having improved understanding of the most effective pathways through our services for different women.
- Sustained outcomes for women through wider systems change, influenced by improved evidence and articulation of our impact and understanding of women’s needs.