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Grantee: Dementia Care

  • North East


Provider: ATQ Consultants



Summary of project:

Dementia Care is a registered charity and not-for-profit social care provider. We are a specialist in caring and supporting people with dementia and their families. Historically, we were commissioned by local authorities and health services to provide care for people in the more advanced stages of dementia. In the last 12 months, we have designed, secured funding and launched new advice and information services to extend this to support both people with dementia and their families throughout their dementia journey, from point of diagnosis to end-of-life. Our new vision in line with this is that "everyone affected by dementia should have access to specialist care, support and advice whenever and wherever it is needed."

We currently provide services to almost 400 people with dementia in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding areas. To deliver these services, we employ 150 staff, 130 of whom provide front-line care and support.

We have plans underway that will extend our geographic reach to other parts of the North East region over the next 4-5 years. We will extend our impact beyond this by supporting local authorities and care providers in other parts of the UK to follow our ideas, raising the standard of dementia care generally.

This project will enable us to engage with experts in Impact Management to properly embed it within our charity.

Working with ATQ Consultants, employing a full-time IM Manager and using methodologies such as the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Outcomes Stars, we will be able for the first time to develop a comprehensive, professional Impact Management Framework within Dementia Care.