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Grantee: Community Led Initiatives CIC

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  • East of England


Provider: Investing for Good



Summary of project:

Community Led Initiatives CIC (CLI) was established in 2013 by two ex-offenders who started working with Priority and Prolific Offenders (PPOs) initially on a voluntary basis in 2010. From our firsthand experience of the criminal justice system, we identified a gap in local provision for non-statutory figures who could win the trust of offenders and those in recovery by working alongside them in a person-centred way.

CLI’s mission is to provide benefit to socially excluded groups of people who may have suffered directly or indirectly from substance misuse and / or alcohol misuse issues or be offenders, with the aim of re-integration in the community and improved life chances.

CLI has recognised that we are often driven by our commissioners in what they see as effective performance, and this typically is in line with quantitative KPI’s and tokenistic qualitative case studies or reports. Very often this is not aligned with what our service users tell us about the difference they we feel we make for them. This project will look to focus on the four key pillars, performance management, programme design, outcomes and target population.