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Grantee: Chiltern Rangers

  • South East


Provider: Eastside Primetimers



Summary of project:

Chiltern Rangers involves thousands of local people each year in conservation volunteering, benefitting individuals, communities and habitats in and around the Chilterns. Our Impact for Growth project is helping us refine our target outcomes and measures in discussion with key stakeholders. It is also helping us prioritise the data we require and creating new platforms that will make it easier to capture data in the field, linking this to our CRM and generating dashboards for reporting to different audiences. 

These changes will make data collection much more efficient and give us much richer data with which to keep on improving our performance, for example by looking at what generates the greatest benefit for our target groups or what drives increased participation. With stronger, more compelling evidence about the difference we make, both to people and to places, we hope to inspire more volunteers, engage new partners and win more work from a wider range of commissioners, growing our impact still further.