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Grantee: Behind Closed Doors

  • Yorkshire and Humber


Provider: Liz Riley Consultants



Summary of project:

Behind Closed Doors (BCD) supports women & men affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse to enable them to live safely, free from fear & harm, make informed choices & manage their own lives. We deliver the outreach element of the Leeds Domestic Violence Service (LDVS) under contract & a non-contracted Prevention & Recovery Service (PARS) for people unable to/who do not wish to access help from statutory services. Both provide individually tailored, 1-1 support in safe community spaces.

We want to set up a system to apply impact management principles and systems, similar to those which we use in our mainstream services, to the set-up, management and evaluation of our small pilot projects. We will do this by developing new systems to monitor and manage a pilot service working with young people aged 16-25. We have identified from our monitoring data that demand for our services from this group has grown sharply over the last 6 months and we feel it merits further investigation. We want to discover how well our current services meet their needs and how we can increase the positive impact of our work with them.

As a result of this project we aim to:
- Implement a robust Impact Management system to enable us to better manage small pilot projects in future.
- Improve they way we support young beneficiaries, based on evidence from them about the best way to do this.
- Gain evidence to influence commissioners and to inform our tendering for contracts.
- Gain evidence to influence investors and secure more customers for our training.