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Grantee: Barca-Leeds

  • Yorkshire and Humber


Provider: Locality



Summary of project:

Barca-Leeds delivers transformational services to adults, children, young people and families in Leeds, bringing services together to better respond to the needs of each individual. Our vision is ‘A Fair Society’ and our mission is to care, listen and respond to the needs of people in our communities by delivering outstanding services to improve their wellbeing.

Through our work we engage with communities and individuals in order to improve their social and economic wellbeing. We support people to unlock the barriers they face that prevent them from achieving their potential.

A particular challenge is the diversity of approaches to impact measurement and reporting across BARCA’s 22 services, each with their own funding, monitoring and contracting arrangements, delivering to different target populations creating complex sets of impact data to manage. We seek to develop a systemic, integrated approach to measure the overall impact of Barca-Leeds rather than just the individual outcomes of our contracted work.

The project will involve designing a new social impact measurement system. This would include the testing and, if needed, further development of BARCA’s existing Theory of Change, connecting specific outcomes and KPIs to BARCA’s strategic objectives and overall vision. Locality will lead on a process culminating in the detailed architecture of a relational database (Salesforce), enhanced data capture methods, and new impact reporting formats (including overall organisational impact).