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Grantee: b inspired

  • East Midlands

Website: http://www.b-inspired.org.uk/

Provider: Investing for Good



Summary of project:

Our vision is for people in Braunstone to have the means and resources to fulfil their aspirations and potential and live comfortably in a desirable environment and in a strong community, where people help each other. We work towards a mission ...” To be the Community Anchor and champion for Braunstone, now and in the future, able to support our neighbourhood and its citizens to reach full potential by harnessing its strengths and responding to its needs. By making a difference.

We work directly with Young People, Older People, women, carers, families, unemployed, inactive people, socially excluded and people facing hardship and crisis. We also provide support to local community groups to build capacity and collaborate with local service providers to help shape and co-deliver local services.

Working with experts (Investing for Good) we aim to drastically improve our impact measurement processes and systems. We have the ambition to grow our services to reach more beneficiaries and increase our impact and sustainability. Building on groundwork laid over the last two years to scope out further markets for our services and to plan for growth via social investment and contracts. Our project will take us through a logical process that leads on from a successful BIG Potential project in 2017. We have created a new Theory of Change with associated Key Performance Indicators and metrics.We will crucially appoint an impact lead to push us forward and keep measurement and performance on all our agendas.