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Grantee: Age UK North West Kent

  • South East


Provider: Sinzer



Summary of project:

Age UK North West Kent (AUK NWK) provides support to approximately 4,300 older people in the Gravesham, Dartford Districts of Kent. The charity provides a range of support services for older people including day care, home delivered meals, specialist dementia day sessions, community assisted baths, home support, nail cutting and information and advice.

We have independently developed an initial impact framework, which was supported by IRF funding. This project will build on our existing impact work, to enable us to create a genuinely comprehensive impact framework across AUKs in Kent. We recognise that this will require both further conceptual design work around outcomes and external data, enhancement of our existing Sinzer system, and extensive ‘cultural change’. Our project therefore seeks to address these themes, producing new tools, processes and system enhancements, via extensive consultations, workshops and data analysis. Sinzer will be the lead approved provider with Aleron providing much of the impact design consultancy support. We will work closely with both.