The Pathway strand is for charities and social enterprises that are new to impact management.

Using a co-design approach we are designing a support service which will guide you through the stages of impact management so you can get started with minimal external support. This will be an iterative process of prototyping, testing and refining and we plan to work with 100+ organisations.

Why co-design?

The user-centred approach of co-design will ensure that our outputs are usable and appropriate to real sector needs. We are planning sessions across location/regions and also for organisations working in specific thematic area such as housing and mental health.

What’s involved?

The first stage is a series of interactive co-design workshops. They include exercises to identify support needs. Each session will involve lots of discussions and post it notes!

Following these sessions, we expect to follow up with most of the participants to get further feedback or help with reviewing and testing work in progress. Depending on what you tell us you need, we might host further events or networks to help you.


What support is available?

We are keen to hear from lots of different organisations so to help make this possible we have funds available to cover reasonable travel costs and other expenses as needed. Payment amounts will be agreed  depending on the level of involvement required.

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