Top tips for your Impact for Growth application

After supporting 11 fantastic organisations in the pilot phase, it is great to be opening the second round of grant applications for the Impact for Growth strand of the Impact Management Programme.

Just like the first round, charities and social enterprises must attend an impact management training session delivered by Impetus-PEF in order to apply for a grant (these sessions are now fully booked). If you haven’t been to a training session, you can’t apply.

These sessions support leaders of organisations to understand the impact management approach, think about their needs in key areas such as target population, data tracking and service adaptation and help them work out how a grant could be used.

As we open this new application window it feels like a great time to share my top tips for anyone applying for the Impact for Growth strand. I’m often asked by for advice on completing grant applications and these are my golden rules.

1. Preparation is key

What were we always told before exams at school? Read the question! Reading the application form closely and the guidance notes before you start writing anything will help you to understand exactly what type of information you need to provide and help keep your answers focused on what we need to know.

2. Avoid generic answers

We understand that you will often be applying for funding. However, most grant makers can spot a generic answer from a mile away. Make sure your answers are specific to the fund and the grant. We provide the guidance notes to tell you what information we need from each question - have the guidance to hand when you write your application and tick things off when you’ve covered them.

3. Ask for what you need

Sometimes people ask me ‘what do you want to pay for?’. The answer to that question is always ‘ask us for what you need’. On a programme like Impact for Growth there is no typical funded project - all of them will be different. What we really want to see is an application that will truly help you apply what you learned on the training session into the heart of your organisation.

4. Show you value the work and that you’re going to to embed what you learn

One of the key aims of the programme is to embed learning into your organisation. Therefore, in your application we need to see that your organisation values the importance of impact management. This might be by you contributing towards the cost of the project yourself. It may be time commitment from your executive or board. Either way, we need to know that this work is important to you, and will continue once the grant-funded part is over.

5. Don’t leave it until the last minute to apply!

This is always the tip I stress the most. Unfortunately, we must have deadlines. And we understand that you want as much time as possible to work on your application. However, if you try and apply at the last minute and something goes wrong you could end up missing out. If you submit ahead of time and have problems we have time to help with whatever has happened.

Finally, the other biggest advice I can give is that if you have a question – any question - just get in touch using the info below. And finally – good luck!

  • If you have any questions about completing your application please contact the Social Investment Business team via 020 3096 7900 or Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm.