Pilot grant applications are now open

Applications for grants in the pilot phase of the £1.8 million Impact for Growth fund are now open! Impact for Growth strand

Grants are available to support charities and social enterprises to develop and embed an impact management plan, working with an approved provider. As well as provider time, the grant can pay for additional staff or necessary software or hardware—and projects can run for up to 12 months to ensure the plan is embedded.

Before applying for a grant, eligible organisations are required to attend a training session delivered by our partners Impetus-PEF. The approved providers have attended this training too to create a shared understanding about the purpose of the grants and the ambitions of the programme.

These training sessions, which kicked off in London yesterday, help attendees understand the building blocks of an impact strategy and the data they need to manage it. They are targeted at senior leaders to ensure that impact management gets support from the top of the organisation.