Is our impact management training right for you?

How do you know if your organisation should sign up for our training as part of the Impact for Growth strand? It’s an essential pre-condition of applying for a grant to help you build your impact management capacity—but we only have limited places.

The type of organisation we are looking for is outlined in our guidance document, but here are my five key questions to consider:

  1. Do you deliver services to specific groups of people, and aim to get great outcomes for them? We’ve found from the pilot that our approach to building impact management capacity works best for organisation targeting services at specific groups, rather than services open to all. We’re open to organisations serving any group, however we think it’s not a good fit for advocacy organisations working to change minds, practices, or legislation.

  2. Does your impact—or lack of it—worry you? Charities do a great job, but we can all get better. This programme is for charity leaders who want to know more about how well they serve their beneficiaries, and act on those answers to make improvements to have more impact. This takes resource and commitment over the long-term—so it has to be something which really matters to your organisation.

  3. Can your senior leaders spare the time? We ask for senior leaders to attend the pre-application training. We know they’re busy but committing to developing an organisation’s impact management capacity is a leadership decision. It’s essential they’re bought in, and planning how to free up the necessary resources from the start. Feedback on the training tells us it’s a worthwhile investment, with CEOs describing it as a ‘rare chance to devote time to thinking about impact.’

  4. Do you have a track record of impact measurement? There are some important differences between impact management and measurement, but there’s a lot that’s similar too. For organisations which are already monitoring their outcomes, and reporting on the difference they make, the training and the funding will help them build on this practice and move towards data-driven decision making for better outcomes.

  5. Are you keen to learn with, and from, your peers? The training days bring together charity leaders from many sectors. The training providers Impetus-PEF draw on their experience—and yours—to explain the key concepts and capacities of impact management and think about how they apply to organisations in the room. Feedback tells us it’s a packed, challenging and fun day—read more about our approach here.

If this all sounds like a good fit for your organisation we’d love to see you there! You can register using this form and the deadline is 4pm on the 6 September 2017. We will review all the sign ups after the closing date and will confirm places by mid-September.