Free impact support is here to stay!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing together the best support from Inspiring Impact and the Impact Management Programme. This is possible thanks to £600k of National Lottery funding through the Big Lottery Fund, supplemented by £15k from City Bridge Trust.

Why this support matters…

Counting attendees at events. Writing down feedback from a support session. Inputting data into your own database and a funder’s database. Brainstorming new activities for next year. Summarising stats for trustee papers. Running a focus group with programme users. Telling your organisation’s story on a webpage or in an impact report.

This is the day to day for many charities and social enterprises around the UK. And this can improve services for users, raise essential money, and motivate staff and volunteers

There’s a lot of jargon to describe this work…

Impact measurement, monitoring and evaluation, impact practice, outcomes frameworks, impact management… what are we really talking about?

We’re talking about charities and social enterprises using information to design, deliver, assess and review services. This helps them make the biggest possible difference with the people they exist to serve.

It can be hard to have good impact practice with limited time and resources…

For frontline staff it can feel like choosing between data entry and 20 more minutes with users. For managers it can feel like choosing between funders’ requirements and users’ preferences.

The Impact Management Programme

The Impact Management Programme was created 2 years ago to build the capacity of charities and social enterprises in England to analyse and respond to the data they collect.

Over 4,500 people have already used our online tools and resources, 200 people attended co-design workshops and peer learning events, 146 people attended free impact management training and 40 organisations are receiving free impact management consultancy.

Inspiring Impact

Alongside this, Inspiring Impact was created 6 years ago to be the obvious starting place for charities and social enterprises who want to improve their impact and how they manage it.

Over 2,000 people have already used our self-assessment tool Measuring Up!, 33 organisations are spreading best practice as Impact Champions and organisations across 6 sub-sectors are receiving free consultancy to develop their impact practice.

From now on, all charities and social enterprises in the UK will be able to access the following support from the combined programme, called Inspiring Impact:

  • Flexible grants that charities & social enterprises can spend on understanding and improving their impact. The existing programmes have previously awarded nearly £2m of grants across the UK.
  • Free online resources via our website, including Measuring Up! and the Data Diagnostic. Over 100,000 people have used the existing websites already.
  • Networks that bring people together to share what works and learn from each other. The voluntary sector looks different in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales so we will adapt activities to meet local demand.

These activities will be shaped by charities and social enterprises across the UK and delivered by a partnership of voluntary sector organisations.

The partnership includes Community Evaluation Northern Ireland, Evaluation Support Scotland, NCVO Charities Evaluation Service, New Philanthropy Capital, Social Value UK and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

We will build on the work of previous programme partners: Association of Charitable Foundations, Hactar, Impetus-PEF, Social Enterprise UK, Social Investment Business and Substance.

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